Discover the latest in wireless charging products: don't delay, join the wireless revolution today

Our range of innovative wireless charging products for smart phones is perfect for the busy professional or student who is always on the move. Make your life easier with our highly portable and convenient next generation wireless charging devices.

Even when you're not near a mains electric supply you can still wirelessly charge your phone with our advanced low-power charge feature allowing you to power up your device via a USB connection to any electronic device with a USB port. That means you can wirelessly charge your device using the power from your devices such as your digital television, laptop or personal computer.

And even if you're normally charging your phone while you work or study, being able just to place your device on a thin and beautiful wireless charging board means you can avoid the hassle of plugging in tangled wires.

Check out our range of wireless charging products, offered exclusively by OhmTopia – leading the way in the provision of advanced power management products.

Products :

1. Wireless charging system for smart phone (case/cover and charging board package)

Introducing the iNPOFi wireless charging system available exclusively through us here at OhmTopia. Everything you need to begin charging your smart phone wirelessly. Once you have tried iNPOFi you will never go back to old-fashioned wire chargers again.
  • Ultra lightweight, elegant and thin design
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Rapid charging
  • USB compatible
  • Easy to use – automatically detects compatible devices
  • Patented smart conductive wireless charging technology – built in short-circuit and over-heat protection
  • Zero radiation – completely safe
  • Battery life extender
So power up – anytime, anywhere – with the INPOFi smart charging system. Click here to place your order.

2. Wireless charging phone case/cover

The iNPOFi case/cover is the most advanced way to bring wireless charging into your life. Well constructed using advanced production methods; your wireless charging case/cover is durable and strong to help protect your phone from accidental damage.

And you don't need to worry about your beautiful new phone being changed by the iNPOFi case. The thin and stylish design will preserve the sleek and elegant lines of your phone.
  • Stylish case design
  • Durable and flexible – added protection for your phone
  • Custom cut outs to allow you to still be able to use your phone
  • Compatible with many recent models of smart phones
So power up – anytime, anywhere – with the INPOFi smart charging system. Click here to place your order.

Two main series:

Wireless charging case for iPhone 4, 4s and 5

Wireless charging cover for Samsung Galaxy SIII

3. Wireless charging board

The iNPOFi wireless charging board is the new cool way to charge your phone. You can carry this elegant charging device around with you wherever you go, knowing that you have a stunning wireless charging board always at hand. And, because of our in-built smart technology, your charging board is compatible with a wide range of modern smart phones on the market – so if you change your phone you can still use your charging board.
  • Beautiful, sleek and thin design
  • Looks great at home, in the office or on the go.
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Smart chip technology – built in short-circuit and over heating protection
  • Zero radiation – completely safe
  • Battery life extender
  • USB compatible
So power up – anytime, anywhere – with the INPOFi smart charging system. Click here to place your order.

4. Mobile Wireless Charger

You can also purchase the iNPOFi mobile wireless charger built-in with back up battery. This means that should you ever be caught far from an electric supply or USB connection, you can still charge your phone and make that all important phone call. The battery charges when the device is plugged in and will store that charge until you need to use it for your phone. Never again will you need to make an urgent phone call or send an important email and find your battery has let you down.
  • All the features of the standard wireless charging board
  • Lighter than the same capacity external battery on the market
  • As well as the power adaptor, this additional battery is charged by USB. This is a unique in the market; currently you can only get power from an old fashioned plug in adaptor power.
  • The knowledge that you'll always have a back up charge for your phone.
So power up – anytime, anywhere – with the INPOFi smart charging system. Click here to place your order.

Other Product: OhmTopia Leisure Series

The OhmTopia Leisure Series smart phone case is made from high quality materials that combine durability with flexibility, providing you with excellent protection for your iPhone. Although you will still want to look after your phone, now you can handle it with the confidence that if you do drop it to the floor it's much more likely to survive.

The anti-slip design provides you with a comfortable grip, while the sturdy kickstand turns your device into a hands-free entertainment center. The sleek and stylish design with a two-toned color adds a touch of sophistication to go with the functionality. Cases are compatible with iPhone 5 (all models):
  • Comfortable anti-slip design provides safe carrying
  • Sturdy kickstand turns the device into a hands-free entertainment center
  • Sleek and stylish design with high-quality two-tone coloring
  • Heavy-duty protection – perfect for an active and leisure lifestyle
So protect your phone with this stylishly modern and durable case. Click here to place your order.

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